Stratus Vineyards

Marketing Brochure

A complex wine demands design born from a complex palette.

Though located within the northern grape-growing belt, Stratus’s winery is actually south of the great wine region of Bordeaux

Stratus wines are expressions of time and place: complex creations made by talented artisans and craftspeople. The winery required a brochure that could tell a select audience the story of its premium-quality product. Inspired by the company’s commitment to excellence, The Works delivered a brochure boasting elegant detail and design. Thoughtful writing warmly sets the tone; hand-drawn illustrations outline the intricacies of the winemaking process; and lush photography – produced using the highest-quality print techniques – showcases the beauty of Stratus’s sprawling estate. Taken together, the elements evoke the unique experience of tasting Stratus’s exquisite wine.

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