Brand Strategy and Integrated Reporting Hudbay

Weaving together vibrant themes, engaging dialogue and an impactful, graphical representation to show how Hudbay creates value for business and society.
What We Did
  • Branding
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  • Design
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  • Website Development
Client Hudbay

About the company

A mining industry leader based in Canada, Hudbay has a proud and prosperous history of exploring, developing, operating and remediating mining sites in the Americas. From the first discovery in Flin Flon, Manitoba, nearly 100 years ago, to establishing enterprising, sustainable mining operations today, Hudbay’s vision is to be a responsible, top-tier operator of long-life, low-cost mines. Hudbay has an outstanding history of ingenuity and environmental stewardship, and of building strong, trust-based relationships with their communities. They’ve built a solid foundation of goodwill with their employees and communities, and truly live their values of Dignity, Respect, Caring, Openness and Trustworthiness.

With a precedent set for highly effective creative, we needed to continue building on the success of the previous year’s innovative structure and content.

The goal

Along with maintaining the integrity and quality of the work we’ve done for Hudbay over the past decade, Works Design had multiple goals in aligning the Annual Sustainability Report for 2021. With a precedent set for highly effective creative, we needed to continue building on the success of the previous year’s innovative structure and content. Ultimately, we were tasked with demonstrating to stakeholders why they should continue to have confidence in Hudbay’s responsible business performance and commitment to superior governance. We needed to show the continuation of Hudbay’s journey and the increasing importance of gold for the company, while celebrating their successes – such as the discovery of the Copper World deposit in Arizona – clearly identifying them as primarily a copper producer. In addition, we needed to be open and transparent about negative events while ultimately presenting the year as a success story for the company.

How we helped

We took a deep dive into Hudbay’s voice and messaging to share their story through tales of exploration, innovation, resilience and community engagement. Building on the theme of Invested for 2020 with Connected in 2021, we took the initiative to go even further and developed a unique infographic that spoke directly to the value Hudbay creates for their employees, stakeholders, communities and investors. This value creation graphic was a natural continuation of the snapshots we shared of Hudbay’s technological advancements. The graphic clearly and succinctly outlines the life cycle of a mine through the stages of discovery, building and operating, all with the goal of sustainability in mind. Each phase was outlined in a simple, easy-to-read graphic showing exactly how and what takes place during each stage of the cycle. In this way, Works Design was not only able to demonstrate Hudbay’s precise structure of activities but their underlying commitment to long-term sustainability, technological advancement and economic development.

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