Making instant connections,
for over 30 years.

Works Design is a full-service corporate communications agency and design studio. We help world-class organizations present themselves, tell their stories and build relationships with all of their stakeholders.

Our Purpose

Tell stories that matter and
build relationships that last.


Do the right thing. In every situation, it’s the right thing to do.

We act with integrity and operate according to our principles because it’s what we expect of ourselves. And after 30 years, we’ve seen again and again that it’s the best choice for business. Not always easy, but it is that simple.


A strong foundation

Lorie and Diane founded The Works Design Communications in 1986, and we still have clients (and staff) from those early days. That’s rare in our industry, but we think we know why people stay. We’re principled, curious, inclusive, open-minded plus we’re fun to work with. Combine that with delivering consistently great work, and what’s not to like?

40+ full-time employees
50% of our management team are women
35% of staff speak languages other than English
100% of our employees are paid above the living wage standard
3 pro bono clients
2011 we became carbon neutral!

Big enough for any job.
Small enough so every job matters.

We like to say that we’re right-sized. What we mean is that we can serve our clients with efficiency and agility while keeping large, complex projects completely in-house. We’re big enough to employ a top-tier team of creative experts, but we remain small enough to provide clients with the service they deserve.

Remember the kids who said “made you look”? We turned pro.

Send us your resumé and a cover letter (we actually read them). If you qualify for a specific position, we’ll contact you.

No phone calls, please.