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This research would not be possible without the support of the entire team at Works Design. We also thank our production and editorial teams, including Andrew Wreakes, Stacey Hellas and Julie Cooper, for supporting the publication of our findings. And, finally, we thank our digital team, including Minh Hoang and Joe Zingrone, for making our findings available to the world.


  • Melissa Suarez

    Sustainability Consultant
  • Mahvish Baqai

    Sustainability Manager
  • Pearl Maguire

    Social Media Manager
  • Erica Campbell

    Sustainability Analyst
  • Michelle Buchner

    Art Director
  • Philip Marriott

  • Kartika Kumar

    Social Media Coordinator
  • Wesley Gee

    Chief Sustainability Officer and Principal
  • Tayler Michaelson

    Project Manager
  • Remston Martis

    Sustainability Consultant
  • Paula Renata Costa

    Marketing Coordinator
  • Michael Tomasone

    Marketing Manager
Melissa Suarez Melissa Suarez
Mahvish Baqai Mahvish Baqai
Pearl Maguire Pearl Maguire
Erica Campbell Erica Campbell
Michelle Buchner Michelle Buchner
Philip Marriott Philip Marriott
Kartika Kumar Kartika Kumar
Wesley Gee Wesley Gee
Tayler Michaelson Tayler Michaelson
Remston Martis Remston Martis
Paula Renata Costa Paula Renata Costa
Michael Tomasone Michael Tomasone