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Jul 28, 2022 Pearl Maguire Works News

Entering the workforce is no easy task. Entry-level candidates, and specifically interns, face challenges and inequalities every day. At Works Design, we welcome sustainability interns annually and value their bright and inquisitive minds. In honour of National Intern Day, we asked our newest Sustainability Analyst Intern, Erica Campbell, to shed some light on what her time has been like at Works Design.

What were you looking to gain with your internship at Works Design?

When I started my internship at Works Design, I had four main learning objectives. Since starting, I would say that my learning objectives have not only been met, they have been surpassed. One of my main learning objectives was to gain hands-on experience in sustainability reporting and stakeholder communications and engagement. While having done this first-hand, I have also been able to assist with materiality assessments, peer reviews, client interviews, and I’ve even worked on Works Design’s very own carbon footprinting assignment!

What have you been working on since you started your internship?

My main job at Works Design includes coordinating the 2022 Sustainability Trends Project, and my tasks include researching sustainability trends in various sectors and then presenting findings along with my sustainability teammates to other work colleagues. My work involves researching, working with large amounts of data and information, and then presenting this in a summarized fashion. Most of all, I get to communicate and collaborate daily with my sustainability teammates at our weekly ‘geek-out sessions.’

What is something that you’ll take away from your internship at Works Design?

There are so many things! This internship has afforded me the opportunity to gain knowledge and add to my ‘Sustainability Toolbox’ which will help me with my career in sustainability. My experience at Works Design has also allowed me to become more passionate and confident in my field, to keep growing and learning as a sustainability professional – for me, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to Wesley Gee and his team for opening that door for me!

What would you tell someone else thinking about interning at Works Design?

I definitely place immense value on my placement here and I am very grateful every day to work amongst this group of highly talented and fun people. The experience is worthwhile and rewarding, and I am delighted that I was selected to work on the 2022 Sustainability Trends Project, the studio’s biggest marketing initiative for the year!

Anything else you’d like to add?

It is important to add that my success in this role is also bolstered by the constant support of my amazing team and everyone in the studio. No one is ever too busy to answer a question or to hop on a quick five-minute call with me. I think the culture here creates the right environment for one to succeed in any role that they’re placed.

Interested in interning at Works Design? We’d love to hear from you! Send your resume and cover letter to careers@worksdesign to get started.

Pearl Maguire
Pearl Maguire
Pearl Maguire

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