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Jul 4, 2017 Kate Heron Works News

A new blog for our sustainability stories and insights

At The Works, we like to say any project our clients can throw at us is “in scope.” We’ve built a deep team of communications experts – diverse people with diverse talents – all of them with a knack for telling stories. And while we’ve made a career out of helping our clients find their voice, we’ve got a lot to say, too.

“Inspiration comes from some magic place in your mind, fuelled by a curious concoction of experience, stress and basic research. If this blog provides a bit of fuel for someone’s inspiration, I’d say we did our job.”
– Lorie Brière, Studio Co-Founder and Principal

The Works’ Sustainability Reporting Trends research happens each summer. By the end of July, we’ve closely audited over 150 different reports. Throughout August, we analyze commonalities and trends across dozens of data points before framing results into a comprehensive report. We also deliver sector-specific reports to companies who need a tailored look into their industry.

But throughout the spring and summer, our analyst team is meeting regularly and casually. Mostly, we discuss exceptional things we’ve noticed. These conversations do inform our research, but not everything fits into the final report. There are many things we’d like to highlight to a broader audience. And we have questions we think are worth posing: How will CSR professionals leverage social media next? What are some emerging technologies that will impact reporting in the next 10 years? Who are some reporters worth watching?

Enter In Scope, The Works’ new blog. It’s a launch pad for sharing the process behind our own award-winning sustainability work; a window into the best practices that make sustainability reporting comprehensive or coveted; and a space for our stable of writers, artists and thought leaders to showcase ideas and interests.

We want In Scope to be informative and fun. We want it to evolve. And above all, we want you to have a seat at the table for those regular, casual conversations about all things sustainability.

Marketing Manager Kate Heron standing on a hill.
Kate Heron
Marketing Manager Kate Heron standing on a hill.

Kate is our Marketing Manager. She’s got a knack for research, writing and Google Analytics. She is an ardent surfer, a sometimes resident of New Hampshire, and fosters Future Guide Dogs for the Lions Foundation of Canada. You can find her going off about Boston sports at @KateHeronWorks.

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