Lorie Brière


My name is Lorie Brière. I believe that it’s important to do what you like. And I like doing this.

A founding partner, Lorie is responsible for business development at The Works, and she plays a lead role in our investor relations and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices. Her interest in sustainability issues helped make The Works an early mover on CSR communications. Lorie also continues to direct a wide range of client projects. The insights gained from ongoing project supervision are supplemented by the “Trends in…” research that Lorie oversees each year, and have helped make her a recognized authority on best practices in financial and CSR reporting. Since 2004, Lorie has been a judge for the CPA Corporate Reporting Awards. She is also a guest lecturer on investor relations at Seneca College and sits on the academic advisory board for Seneca’s corporate communications program.