About | An integrated communications studio, we specialize in stakeholder reporting, Branding and collateral development.


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We’re a diverse group of talented people with strongly held opinions and an equally strong commitment to doing really good work. We believe that great creative springs from an in-depth understanding of clients, their industries and their best practices. And we back that with a rock-solid process that ensures projects are always on brief, on time and on budget.

Our team is made up of experts in sustainability, investor relations and branding – all the behind-the-scenes skills that allow us to deliver on our promises: design, development, writing, research, strategy, production, project management and quality.


Most of our senior team members have been with The Works for more than 10 years, and all of them have done work with leading Canadian companies.

Our sustainability practice is built around people with academic and professional expertise in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

We’ve rebranded top organizations in the insurance, investment, pension, alcoholic beverage and resource sectors.

In addition to whip-smart web designers, we employ in-house developers and experts in UI (user interface) and UX (user experience).

Trends in CSR Reporting

Our annual survey of Trends and Best Practices in Sustainability Reporting provides guidance and examples from the world’s top reporters (for more information, visit our trends microsite).

For full results, contact Lorie Brière or Wesley Gee.

Giving Back

Can a small company make a big difference? We sure hope so. We focus on the same three areas that we counsel our clients to address. We just do it on a smaller scale with Worksmart. It’s the name of our internal sustainability program, but also a way of thinking about our business.

Taking the long view, building relationships based on trust and respect with our staff and clients, minimizing the damage that we do in our daily activities and giving back to our community through contributions in time and money – it’s the only way to build a business that will last. An employee-focused program, Worksmart is growing each year.


We were one of the first studios to achieve carbon-neutral status, back in 2010, by working with Offsetters to track and reduce our carbon footprint and to fund carbon-positive initiatives. And we keep the lights on with Bullfrog Power. We work with FSC-certified printers and encourage our clients to select environmentally sustainable stock. We also choose recycled FSC paper for all of our printouts, and have dramatically lowered our overall usage in recent years.


In addition to supporting our clients’ charitable drives with donations and gifts in kind, we take on a significant amount of pro bono work to promote important initiatives. This has included supporting an orphanage in Kenya, promoting initiatives on missing and murdered Aboriginal women, participating in auctions for SickKids and supporting refugee-resettlement projects.


Simple things like replacing soft drinks with fresh fruit – and making sure that staff working late get a square meal around a proper table – have long been practices at The Works. More recently, we’ve introduced Weekday Walks, where anyone who wishes to participate can take a half hour of paid time to get some fresh air and exercise. With flex hours and time off to compensate for the substantial overtime that our work requires, we continue to strive for that elusive work–life balance.