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Mar 27, 2020 Kate Heron Works News

You can tell a lot about a person from their battle station. That’s always been the case at The Works: every desk (and monitor desktop) is a little bit different and serves as a perfect reflection of its occupant. The transition to remote work has created lots of curiosity: where exactly are people calling in from every morning.

Exchanging images of our personal command centres has been a pleasure. It’s nice to know where to picture each other. And, because we thought others might be interested, here’s a look at some of the 35+ locations we now have open to serve you, wherever you are.

Lorie Brière

Lorie Brière, Principal

Don Laurie

Don Laurie, Art Director

Kate Heron

Kate Heron, Marketing Manager

Johanna Dietrich

Johanna Dietrich, Project Manager

Nelson Silva

Nelson Silva, Creative Director

Ellie Rosen

Ellie Rosen, Project Management Director

Dana Duncanson

Dana Duncanson, Project Manager

Nicole Bryczkowski

Nicole Bryczkowski, Designer

Claire Cheverie

Claire Cheverie, Proofreader

Lindsay Trajkovich

Lindsay Trajkovich, Production Coordinator

Chie Momota

Chie Momota, Designer

Bahar Sotoodeh

Bahar Sotoodeh, Administrative Coordinator

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez, Designer

Wesley Gee

Wesley Gee, Sustainability Director

Chris Chlasciak

Chris Chlasciak, Art Director

Linz Tan

Linz Tan, Writer

Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward, Senior Art Director

Amanda Cook

Amanda Cook, Project Manager

Adriana Spensieri

Adriana Spensieri, VP Finance & Administration

Karen Helm

Karen Helm, Proofreader

Minh Hoang

Minh Hoang, Web Developer

Amanda Weir

Amanda Weir, Designer

Brooke Drake

Brooke Drake, Project Manager

Michael Rehder

Michael Rehder, Art Director

Andrew Wreakes

Andrew Wreakes, Production Specialist

Momina Sumbal

Momina Sumbal, Sustainability Analyst

Kate Heron is the Marketing Manager at The Works Design Communications.
Kate Heron
Kate Heron is the Marketing Manager at The Works Design Communications.

Kate is our Marketing Manager and has a knack for research, writing and Google Analytics. She is an ardent surfer, a New England Patriots fan and fosters Future Guide Dogs for the Lions Foundation of Canada. Find her on Twitter at @KateHeronWorks.

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