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Mar 25, 2020 Eric Johnson Works News

Hi, first, we hope that you and those you care about are all doing well. We’re doing ok, and even though the doors of 10 Britain street, our beloved HQ, are closed, The Works is still open for business.

We want to let people know about the steps we’ve taken to keep our staff and clients safe and to ensure that we can keep delivering the exceptional service and creative that people expect from The Works. We also wanted to tell you how – through a mix of good fortune and good planning – our business is almost purpose-built to keep operating smoothly, even during a situation like this.

In early March 2020, we began to encourage our staff to work from home. We helped them transport their office computers and showed them how to log into networks that would allow them to work securely and efficiently from spare rooms, dining rooms, basements, or wherever they set up their home systems.

It turned out this was pretty easy for us to do.

We built our reputation on delivering highly regulated documents, like Annual Reports and quarterlies, for clients like Canada-wide retailers and major pension plans. Our team has always designed and produced things that have to get done on time – no matter what.

Being a partner of choice has always included planning for “What if” scenarios. We’ve always had two fridge-sized generators at the ready. If our building burns down, our data is backed up to an off-site server at the end of every business day, and we have a set of computers off-site as well. We already had a secure VPN network standing by to connect people to critical files and data from wherever they may be.

Put simply, we were ready for this. Our systems were in place – all we had to do was activate them.

Of course, we miss the easy, daily interaction with colleagues and clients, but we’ve even got that covered with Slack and a twice-daily Coffee Break over Zoom. It’s not the same, but it’s pretty good.

So, we’ll get through this together, and, like always, we look forward to working with you as well as for you.


The Works.

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is the Director of Strategic Communications at The Works. He is an award-winning strategist and writer with decades of experience in advertising, marketing and corporate communications. He also knows a lot about vintage horror flicks and every single Godzilla film ever made.

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