Extreme Makeover: OLG’s 2016 CSR Report

The OLG CSR Logo is superimposed over a blue map of Ontario, dotted with yellow pins.
Jan 24, 2018 Barry Chong Featured Reports

In just one year, OLG revitalized its sustainability storytelling by committing to strategy and doubling down on design.

OLG has always focused on responsibility. As a Crown corporation, the organization has given back nearly $47 billion to the people of Ontario via government programs and charitable contributions. Still, OLG saw an opportunity in 2016 to improve its sustainability storytelling. By committing to strategy and doubling down on design (and getting a little help from The Works), the company was able to revitalize its CSR report in just one year. Below are the key elements of OLG’s extreme makeover.

If the brand ain’t broke, don’t fix it

OLG’s “All for Here” motto is an effective bit of messaging that informs the company’s marketing materials. Recognizing its value, OLG opted to repurpose the statement for its 2016 CSR Report. Unlike in previous reports, “All for Here” appears throughout the narrative – it acts as a visual and thematic anchor, reaffirms OLG’s ethical commitment to Ontario and reinforces an already iconic brand.

The text "Our approach to Social Responsibility: All for Investing:" appears over an image of two people.

Each section of OLG’s 2016 CSR Report leverages the “All for Here” motto to promote the organization’s sustainability strategy.

Readability is credibility

One of the most important improvements of OLG’s 2016 CSR Report is its readability. AODA-compliant and intuitive in its design, the report is more accessible than any of its predecessors. Emphatic break pages now feature key metrics, while a simplified layout guides the reader’s eye. And a new, interactive Table of Contents makes navigation easy and efficient. And while the OLG report is a PDF, the contents of these documents is frequently indexed by Google’s search engine algorithms. It’s now believed that these algorithms prioritize content that is simple and easy to understand.

A golden (photo) opportunity

Any good publication will use good photography to engage an audience through visual storytelling. Mindful of this – and its diverse array of nearly 14 million stakeholders – OLG upped its game by employing its in-house library of high-quality images. Expansive, full-bleed photos draw in the reader; people-centric snapshots generate a sense of warmth; and landscape visuals showcase the beauty of Ontario’s many cities and towns.

Drawing a great hand

When applied thoughtfully, good illustration can support content and frame it in engaging ways. It can also elevate copy, emphasize important ideas and represent larger, abstract themes. And it’s fun to look at. OLG cashed in on this strategy by dotting its 2016 CSR Report with beautiful illustrations that reinforce its standing in the gaming industry. Elegant icons identify material topics; a coin machine graphic explains the company’s revenue streams; and a roulette wheel highlights the organization’s core values. The result: win–win messaging.

This roulette wheel displays OLG's core values.

An illustration of a roulette wheel displays OLG’s core values.

Want to hit the jackpot with your CSR communications? Email The Works’ Wesley Gee (gee@worksdesign.com) to set up a sustainability reporting presentation tailored to the needs and wants of your company.

Barry Chong is a writer at The Works Design Communications.
Barry Chong
Barry Chong is a writer at The Works Design Communications.

Barry specializes in script writing and other editorial pursuits. He is a clinical Torontonian and has no intention of dropping the habit. Check him out on iTunes – his show is called Hogtown Talks. We recommend the episode where he interviews Alan Cross about a curly slide.

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